Translations/Proofreading/Interpreting Services

Since 1961

No matter whether it's in Zurich, Paris or Rome – or far away overseas; when it's all about being successful on an international level, raising your profile, currying favour with demanding clients or customers, and becoming well established, you have to master the language of your clients/customers.

That's why it's best to entrust your translations to specialists. We have the specialists, trained in their mother tongue, who do not simply translate; they also adapt texts to make them say precisely what you really mean.

Commercial correspondence, personal letters, scientific treatises, technical specifications, contracts, advertising texts, trade brochures, etc. – they all require different terminologies and linguistic styles. That in turn calls for total familiarity with the target language. The people we engage are all qualified, committed experts who perform their tasks for you accurately and unerringly – to ensure your success.

We not only kept Tina Onassis's wills strictly confidential, we also treat her papers with 100% confidentiality.

Put us to the test. Your success is our concern, as it is a mark of our own success.

We can assure you that your orders will be in the best hands, guaranteeing that they will be carried out with accomplishment and completed on schedule, meeting the highest linguistic and technical standards.

No-one does it better ... What is all Greek to some we have been fully conversant with at the Jean-Paul Rochat Translation and Interpreting Agency since 1961. No wonder, you'll say! After all, the Jean-Paul Rochat Translation Agency works together with over 1,000 specialist translators the world over catering astonishingly for every language, each in his/her mother tongue and specialist field.