General Terms and Conditions of Business

1. Services

1.1 Our services encompass translation orders, interpreting services, legalisations and proofreading in every language and specialist field.

1.2 Translation work is carried out diligently in accordance with the principles and standards of the profession. The Customer receives the contractually agreed copy of the translation. Unless any special instructions are given or accompanying papers submitted, technical terms are translated into the version of general usage.

1.3 All translation and interpreting orders are handled in strict confidence.

1.4 We reserve the right to ask the Customer to clarify statements or illustrations in source texts, but are not obliged to. In such cases we also comply with our contractual obligations in full if we draw up the translation on the basis of the content and meaning as we understand it, applying the requisite diligence to the best of our knowledge and general understanding of the language. Source texts should therefore be composed in conformity with the rules of orthography and punctuation, and as a rule contain only wording and terms that are clearly understandable and unambiguous, even to non-specialists.

2. Remuneration

2.1 The charge for translations is based on our applicable price-list. For interpreting services and outside translation work, e.g. in a Customer's business premises, the hours worked are billed, with each hour commenced counting as a full hour.

2.2 A non-binding estimate of costs can be drawn up upon request. The fee calculated in the estimate is only an approximate price. The amount invoiced is the actual length of the translation text produced. Any deviation from the amount quoted in writing is limited to a maximum 10%. Special services, such as drawing tables, formatting, creating or embedding graphics, and conversions are charged separately as per expenditure.

2.3 Cancellation of orders: with translation and interpreting orders we charge the costs incurred up until the cancellation, and the parts of the translation already produced at the time of the cancellation have to be paid for.